Restaurant RAMZIS II

Address: M. Daukšos g. 29, Kaunas

Map of Restaurant RAMZIS II

As soon as you entry into the restaurant, you will flood cozy warmth of colors and sounds that surround, relax like a hot Egyptian sun, or even notice how all the troubles will spread outside the door. This Egyptian island in Kaunas Old Town uphold the best traditions of oriental and a genuine atmosphere. All interior parts, utensils, decorations were brought out of Egypt, that every one of you may know or remember the lofty spirit of the country.

Many of the teas to enjoy, from herbs collected Sahara desert and the Nile valley. Dishes that taste, Grodno purely oriental spices, as well as the most expensive in the world - saffron, which gives rice a wonderful golden color. Duck stuffed with grain, baked ham sheep, an enormous "Ramesses" brand (up to 300 grams, veal), a delicatessen dishes that patrons have already been evaluated.


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