Restaurant Pizza Jazz

Address: Laisves al. 68, Kaunas

Map of Restaurant Pizza Jazz

Pizza Jazz - Sunshine Restaurants

Is what you need to reach the perfect happiness. Though we have to warn you, that you might become addicted to it (however, it is environment friendly, will never cause a cancer, your skin won't age faster...).

Was it a long time ago since you last visited Pizza Jazz? Do you recently have a feeling of emptiness, anxiety or maybe you are dreaming of fresh Caesar's salads, "Gourmet" pizzas and beef steaks?

We can solve all of these problems for you... just visit us. Be with Pizza Jazz, stay in Pizza Jazz and enjoy our hospitality!

Pizza Jazz - drive

Are you feeling lazy today? Weather is terrible? Boss declared no-out-of-the-office-lunch rule? Do not suffer any more, order Real food to your home or office! Just call 1315 (we will suggest, what will brighten up  your mood ;) or order online

Pizza Jazz - Never forget a meal.

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