European cuisine in Kaunas, Lithuania. It's easy to eat on a budget in Kaunas.

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Restaurant Milano
Number of places catering: 200  Geo-reference: Centre  Dance hall / place: a  ..
Restaurant Pas Stanley
The creator and founder of “Pas Stanley”, Stanley Klemmensen, is thankful and humble for the insp..
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Restaurant Perkūno namai
Cosy atmosphere of the restaurant overlooking a blooming valley with centennial oak-trees provide..
Restaurant Pizza Jazz
Pizza Jazz - Sunshine Restaurants Is what you need to reach the perfect happiness. Though we ..
Restaurant Pompėja
Pompėja Restaurant - The Art Of Feast Creative and sincere staff makes your experience pleasa..
Restaurant Senieji Rūsiai
"SENIEJI RŪSIAI" ("OLD CELLARS") is a restaurant of European standard arranged in the cellars of ..
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Restaurant Svarstyklės
Here, you will enjoy a memorable time, and recreation in nature. You are welcome to admire our co..
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Restauraunt Avilys
Legendary restaurant - brewery „Avilys“, situated in Kaunas Old Town, offers You: specialty d..
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Restauraunt Jachtklubas
Cuisine: European, Lithuanian Type: Banquets and Catering, corporate events, business..