Restaurant Panda

Address: M. Daukšos g. 51, Kaunas

Map of Restaurant Panda

Cuisine: Chinese 
Type: Banquets, Business lunch, receptions, Catering, corporate events, business lunches, business meetings, children's festivals, quiet evenings, weddings, parties with friends, a romantic evening 
The restaurant's Class: Medium class restaurant 
What languages ​​menu: English and Lithuanian 
Daily dinner hours: Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 15:00 hours. 
Tables: 11 
Number of seats: 50 
Working hours on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday 10:30 to 22:00 hrs., Friday 10:30 to 23:00 hours. 
Opening hours weekends: Saturdays 11:00 to 23:00 hours. 
Sunday 11:00 to 22:00 hours. 
City: Kaunas 
Address: M. Daukšos g. 51, Kaunas 
Parking: 1Lt / 1 hour. Old Town Green Zone 
Phone number: (8 37) 22 05 05 


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