Club MOJO lounge

Address: V. Putvinskio g. 50, Kaunas

Map of Club MOJO lounge

Newly established, disregarding the standards place which can fit about 250 visitors, aspires to be one of the most sophisticated, stylish and coziest cocktail bars in Kaunas, Lithuania. „Mojo Lounge“ is located inside a building known for its unique architecture; its creators took care of all the details so you can have a perfect relaxation after work and exclusive night entertainment with your friends. Here you can taste gourmet appetizers and cocktails, as well as discover late night fun again. You can find here all what you like — seeing sun to go down while enjoying a cocktail in a romantic terrace or greeting the morning sun with a glass of bubbly champagne. Music of the professional „Mojo Lounge“ residents and guest DJ’s will set the best mood and brighten your evening and night. Spectacular live performances will win the hearts of even the most selective visitors. Splendid, trendy, luxurious and invitingly cozily friendly… “Mojo Lounge” is for those who have taste and style!


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