Kaunas City Hall Square

Address: Rotuses a., Kaunas

Map of Kaunas City Hall Square

The Kaunas City Hall - Rotuses sq. 15, built in the middle of XVI century, at the time when Kaunas was flourishing city of merchants, City Hall is a nice example of renaissance architecture in Kaunas. It is unofficially among locals called The White Swan. In 1836 the City Hall was reconstructed and the residence for Russian czars was made there. The Wedding Hall (marriage registration office) was opened in the ground and first floor of City hall in 1973. The cellars are used by a Kaunas Ceramics museum. The museum collection consists of various archaeological findings from the Old Town and surroundings of Kaunas. The collection contains craftsmen-made crockery, tile stove ornaments as well as roof tiles of impressive size. The exposition also reflects the lifestyle of the townsmen of the time. Open: Tu-Su 11 AM- 5 PM.

The City Hall Square - the main square of the Old Town is the place for Kaunas City Hall and the surrounding buildings with lots of restaurants, bars, coffee-houses, museums, art galleries, and, hotels nearby.


The construction of Kaunas town hall started in 1542. At first it was a one-storey building with not daubed facade and vaulting cellars. In the 16th century the first floor was build and the eight storey tower was built in the east of the building. The ground floor was adjusted for trading and prison guards, the first floor - for trial, magistrate, treasure, archive and office. Cellars were used to store the goods. The cellars of the tower were used as a prison.

In the year 1638 the renaissance reconstruction was made. In the year 1771 -1775 the second reconstruction was made by architect J. Matekeris. He rebuilt the part of building, which was demolished in the 17th century, replanned the premises and added additional floor to the tower. He decorated the town hall with baroque and classicism style decorations, rebuilt the pediment and erected there the sculptures of Grand Dukes of Lithuania (they survived only until the 19th century).

In the year 1824 the town hall was used as the premises of the orthodox church and later - ammunition storage.

In the year 1836 the town hall was reconstructed again. The residence for Russian czars was made there.

From the year 1862 and 1869 there was The Kaunas town club, Russian club, firemen office and Russian theatre.

In the year 1869 Kaunas municipality was established in the Town hall. In the year 1944 it was replaced by the archive and in the year 1951 the archive was replaced by Kaunas technical institute.

In 1973 the Wedding Hall (marriage registration office) was opened in the ground and first floor of Town hall. The cellars were used by a Ceramics museum. The same year reconstruction damaged the building a lot.

In the year 2005 the last reconstruction was made, some of damage was eliminated and the Town hall was painted this time not with white color, but with ivory.

Kaunas Town hall is called "The white swan". Today it is used for the wedding ceremonies, official welcome of city guests, signing of agreements and official events


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