Airsoft Kraujo Broliai

Address: Pilviškių g., Kaunas

Map of Airsoft Kraujo Broliai

Airsoft - real war simulation (imitation), used by foreign special services. Copies of real weapons, military operations and active leisure a unique battle field - the second fort of Kaunas. Feel the spirit of war, good friends.
If you enjoy active entertainment, military activities and similar activities - like airsoft and you play about 3-4 hours.

Contact information
Parking: Yes
Payment accepted: Cash
Price: 60 Lt for person
Telephone: 867536696, 861514226
Work time Monday - Sunday Groups are welcome: <br/>10:00:00 <br/>12:00:00 <br/>14:00:00 17:00:00 19:00:00

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