Gym Fankas

Address: Savanorių Prospect 66, Kaunas

Map of Gym Fankas

Why it is worth to exercise in "Fankas":

1.High quality services at very reasonable prices.
2. More than 15 years of experience, more than 15 aerobic species.
3. New fitness equipment, high-quality running track, bicycles, ladders.
4. Great mood, energy, a serious approach to work.
5. Enthusiastic, responsible, permanent coaches.
6. This is the sports club in Kaunas, which is worth to be!

Working hours:

I-IV 7.00 - 21.30
V 7.00 - 21.00
VI 9.00 - 14.00

Telephone:(37) 426868
Mobile phone:(610) 33889 



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